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Sharon Nichols

Author of Memories of Papa

Sharon Nichols Childrens Author

"My passion is to nurture lifelong readers"

Sharon Nichols

Winner of Canada Book Awards 2020

Sharon Nichols Children's Books Author

Sharon Nichols lives in a small town west of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  She has spent her career working in Children's Services in public and school libraries. Her passion is to nurture lifelong readers.  Her growing collection of children's books is a consistent source of delight to her eleven grandchildren. 

Sharon Nichols


"This is a book that embraces, accepts and finally celebrates the seasons of our hearts."

Anne Kathleen Mclaughlin 

Author of "A place called Morning"


"Both parents and children will enjoy the warmth of this story and could encourage them to start their own tradition"

Twyla Dawn Weixl

University of Film & Television, Munich, Germany

"It recognizes the uncomfortable changes we resist in life that children can relate to."

Audrey Bodkin

retired Teacher Librarian



It was such an honour to receive the Canada Book Award in December of 2020. This award program recognizes and promotes Canadian author's outstanding accomplishments. You will find a link to my book HERE

I share this award with my illustrator, Karen Thompson. The illustrations are such an integral part of the story, and they reinforce it and often tell a story of their own. She added life to the story with her whimsical trees and lifelike animals, insects and birds. She understood the theme of my story. You can see and feel the love shared between the characters.

Canadians are fortunate to have many institutions and associations promoting children's literacy and literature. Many of these groups are non-profit and are administered by volunteers. These people are passionate and dedicated to connecting kids to books. During my career in the public and school libraries, I often contacted these groups to assist me in bringing authors and illustrators to the children of the area. It was a wonderful connection for both the children and the authors and illustrators.

It is so exciting for me when I am asked to do a virtual visit with students. It would be even more exciting if I could be in the classroom, but it isn't possible at this time. I have enjoyed meeting students from across Canada and Australia. They energize me. I read the story and then ask them questions about the story and illustrations. Then it is their turn to ask me questions. These young people are very astute and inquisitive. It is always a pleasure to meet my readers.

Memories of Papa is being considered for other awards, but one of the most prestigious awards a children's author can receive is knowing that they have inspired children to read books and write stories.

- Sharon Nichols

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